Three Simple Tips To Lose Fat

Fat is not difficult, especially if you have some tricks up your sleeve. I do not mean that this would never be a dangerous, radical approach to burning fat, but only one would be healthy and show excellent results at the same time.

I have many clients. Friends and family ask me, "Isabel, is there any way to the first drop of a few pounds of fat can be easily and quickly?" Yes, there is. This will be a little dietary change on your part, but the result is incredible. I have had hundreds of people to these ideas, with great success, is easy to lose the first 10-15 pounds of unwanted fat.

Here are my three simple and easy rules of fat loss:

  1. Do not eat anything that is white. Name of each food, which are white, and chances are you will not need to eat bread, pasta, biscuits, most of the grain, flour-based products, white potatoes, white rice, milk and cheese pasturized both the no-no during this time. (Healthy foods such as cauliflower, chicken, turkey, fish, pork and white exceptions to this rule).
  2. Only drink water, nothing else! That coffee? Only that the eventual withdrawal headaches at bay, a small cup of black coffee is organic. Can you add half and half? … Well, it's the white? Drink at least 1 / 2 ounces of body weight in water every day (e.g. If you weigh 200 pounds, should drink 100 ounces) that would actually see the fat fall off.
  3. Do not eat anything in the words of wheat in the ingredients list. What if whole grain? Look, if the word begins and ends with the WT and letters between the h e a, may not be eaten. This includes bread, pasta, crackers and cereal. Many packaged snack foods also contain wheat, so sure, read the ingredients list.

Are you up to this challenge? Easy to apply these rules in their own fat loss eating plan for the next two weeks, and I know. You start seeing some amazing results in fat loss in no time.



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