Best Cholesterol Treatment

According to WebMD, 150 million people in the United States have high cholesterol. Let us say your cholesterol levels are a tad bit high and you belong to this group of people, there are several steps you can take to make yourself healthier, with a lower LDL level, however, you cannot and should not rely on medication alone in order to be better. The best cholesterol treatment is a quadruple threat: medications, eating better, maintaining weight, and exercising.

Essentially, when you hear the news that your cholesterol levels are high, you should consider changing your lifestyle. You can eat more cholesterol lowering foods, such as soy, oatmeal, nuts, fish, and many other foods referred to as “functional foods.” ( On WebMD, David Freeman strongly suggests setting targets and goals for yourself to achieve. So, for instance, you can aim on getting to a total 150 mg/dl if you are at 100 mg/dl. Freeman also encourages readers to consider medication. He writes, “Several types of cholesterol-lowering medication are available, including niacin, bile acid resins, and fibrates. But statins are the treatment of choice for most individuals. ‘Statins can lower LDL cholesterol by 20% to 50%’ says Pamela Peeke, MD, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.” (

Freeman also emphasizes the importance of exercise, no matter how light it is. He writes, “In addition to lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol, regular physical activity can raise HDL "good" cholesterol by up to 10%. The benefits come even with moderate exercise, such as brisk walking.” So, try to walk every day for at least 20 or 30 minutes to lower you LDL levels and increase the HDL cholesterol, which help you fight those LDL’s.

Aside from recommending vegetables and fruits, Freeman also suggests avoiding saturated fats. By that, he means avoid eating anything heavily fat, like lard or butter. He quotes Elaine Magee, an author of many nutrition books. She says, "The second thing to do is to start eating more 'smart' fats," Magee says. She recommends substituting canola oil or olive oil for vegetable oil, butter, stick margarine, lard, or shortening while cutting back on meat and eating more fish.”

He recommends other steps for cholesterol treatment. For instance, avoiding smoking is a good step (or quitting smoking as well). He also recommends drinking more water and green tea, which help in lowering LDL levels. Whatever you choose to do, take the first step and the rest will follow. Make the step small, if need be, don’t set yourself up for failure by tackling the hardest step first. Give yourself opportunities to stay healthy or to be on the path towards health. Good luck.

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